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The Desert Island Investor podcast documents the experiences and strategies of private investor Mark Atkinson. Mark’s long-term investments have enabled him to become financially independent and to retire at the comparatively early age of 53. The stocks that Mark reviews on his podcast are from his real portfolio and not a ‘virtual’ portfolio, so these are genuine win-some, lose-some stories. This is our main podcast about investing but we hope that you’ll also enjoy our regular feature ‘Question in a Bottle’ where Mark answers listeners’ questions about investing.

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Ask Mark a question and it could feature in our mini-podcast ‘Question in a Bottle’.

Full Episodes

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E18 Fundsmith. My review of the 2024 Annual Shareholder Meeting
30 minutes Published Mar 06, 2024
E17 I invested in Entain Plc (ENT) Did I get a good deal?

34 minutes Published Feb 01, 2024
E16 A Christmas review of my investment in James Halstead (JHD)
38 minutes Published Dec 15, 2023
E15 Why I think my holding in Somero (SOM) is a rock solid investment
39 minutes Published Nov 30, 2023
E14 My personal take on Unilever (ULVR) one of my core stocks.
38 minutes Published Nov 09, 2023
E13 As an investor I'm happy to sing the praises of Focusrite (TUNE)
35 minutes Published Oct 19, 2023
E12 Investing in property. With guest castaway Tom Entwistle of Landlord Zone
46 minutes Published Sep 24, 2023
E11 Greggs (GRG) a review of one of my core portfolio stocks
36 minutes Published Aug 29, 2023
E10 I never get bored with Smurfit Kappa (SKG). Here's my stock review
31 minutes Published Aug 06, 2023
E9 Why I added to my holding in STRIX (KETL) the masters of hot & cold water
32 minutes Published Jul 19, 2023
E8 Central Asia Metals (CAML) is one of my most promising stocks
33 minutes Published Jun 19, 2023
E7 Tesco (TSCO) is my longest held large-cap investment. Here's why
43 minutes Published May 29, 2023
E6 My interview with Jeremy McKeown, stock market legend and podcaster
71 minutes Published May 07, 2023
E5 Is the wind of change imminent for Titon Holdings (TON)?
56 minutes Published Apr 16, 2023
E4 I acquired a new stock. Sustainable Palm Oil producer M.P. Evans (MPE)
35 minutes Published Mar 29, 2023
E3 Fundsmith. My feedback from the 2023 shareholders' meeting
34 minutes Published Mar 07, 2023
E2 I review touch-screen manufacturer Zytronic (ZYT) and visit their AGM
38 minutes Published Feb 13, 2023
E1 How to invest and relax. My intro and review of MTI Wireless Edge (MWE)
18 minutes Published Jan 29, 2023

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